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The White Label Belt
Make a true statement of your individualistic style with this iconic modern essential, masterfully hand-crafted from solid sterling silver and fine Florentine leather.

White Label Rings
Fashionable without too much flash, our stylish and striking rings pair a minimalist design with the ultimate statement of silver and diamonds. Our rings are a sleek compliment to your unique taste.


White Label Laces
For unexampled style from head to toe, gift your shoes with the elegance of our exclusive laces. Embellished with sterling silver aglets crowned with diamond tips, they’re the ultimate expression of excellence.



An American original, the White Label belt is a handmade, authentic and timeless accessory. The buckle is a finely-crafted work of art uniting sterling silver and premium borosilicate glass. The strap pairs fine Italian and American leathers over a Kevlar core. The result is a belt that is crafted to natural perfection.  

Every White Label belt is painstakingly hand-crafted in accordance to an ancient process mastered at the Scuola del Cuoio in Florence, Italy, using a blend of old-world skill and new school techniques. Our belts are treated as both a fine fashion piece and an individual work of art. The front strap is a rich Florentine calfskin, supple and flexible with a striking patina that only improves with age. The back strap is constructed of English bridle leather, offering a firmness of support that contours to your body with wear. Both pieces come together with skivvied edges and vegetable-tanned hides over a Kevlar core, used to prevent bowing and maintain integrity. After all, we want your belt’s durability to be as enduring as its style.
•    Constructed in accordance with master teachings from Scoula del Cuoio.
•    Front piece is rich Florentine calfskin, supple and flexible, improves with age. 
•    Back piece is English Bridle leather, supportive and contours to the body.
•    Kevlar core promotes wearability and durability.
•    Skivvied edges, hand-stitched and vegetable-tanned hides.


Each White Label belt buckle is a unique expression of both the company and the wearer, communicating a minimalist aesthetic through the use of solid sterling silver and a durable but sleek borosilicate glass core. Created using a lost wax casting, every casting is destroyed after use to ensure that each buckle maintains an individualist identity.
•    Lost wax casting discarded after each use, making each buckle unique.
•    Each buckle is a numbered limited edition.
•    2.2oz of high-quality, precious sterling silver.
•    Durable and sleek borosilicate glass core.
•    Completely hand-made, with each buckle taking 65 hours of construction.


Hand-made in wax using 2.2 oz of high-quality, precious sterling silver, each buckle is unique, original and numbered to guarantee its one-of-a-kind authenticity. Our silver artisans work tirelessly for roughly 65 hours, from grinding sprues to final polish. And while every buckle features minor variations, they serve as a reminder of the intensive, hands-on creation of your belt’s finishing touch. 
•    Only 10 buckles created at a time.
•    Each buckle painstakingly worked on by silver artisans for 65 hours.
•    Hand-crafted, from grinding sprues to final polish.
•    Every buckle features 2.2oz of precious sterling silver.
•    Each is a numbered limited edition.


Using cold-worked borosilicate glass used for strength and durability, the glass piece for every buckle is meticulously hand-worked, from shaping and beveling to polishing. Each piece is 2” thick and used for its magnification properties, and light reflection and diffusion abilities. Plus, it has the ability to handle temperature changes without cracking. All buckles are custom designed and finished in house, featuring the White Label logo and hand-set in the solid sterling silver buckle. 
•    Crafted using cold-worked borosilicate glass.
•    Hand-worked from shaping and beveling to polishing.
•    Uniquely durable with light reflecting and diffusing abilities.
•    Custom designed in-house.
•    Hand-set in solid sterling silver.


In a perfect partnership of runway meets rare style, White Label offers the world-renowned Scabal brand for our ready-to-wear and made-to-measure fashions. Having pioneered the made-to-measure concept 25 years ago, Scabal offers superior luxury materials including wool, cashmere and silk to craft their sumptuous suiting. What better way to express your individualistic style than with your own personalized couture?
•    Ready-to-wear and made-to-measure fashions.
•    Partnership with world-renowned brand, Scabal.
•    Scabal known for superior luxury materials.
•    Pioneered the made-to-measure concept 25 years ago.
•    Crafts clothing using exquisite silks, cashmeres and wools.



At White Label, we believe in finishing what we start with an equal amount of passion and attention to detail. That’s why every belt is burnished by hand, and finished with exquisite and durable stitching to enhance the beauty while ensuring the longevity of your fashionable statement piece. Your taste is timeless. Your belt should last even longer.
•    Exquisite attention to finishing details.
•    Burnished by hand, stitched for elegance and durability.
•    Crafted to withstand the test of time.
•    Durable and fashionable.



The ultimate compliment to your singular style, the White Label ring is a partnership of exquisite taste and masterful hand-crafting. Each is carefully created from solid sterling silver with your choice of black or white diamonds. Choose the single ring to make a subtle statement, or the double for a more bold expression. Either way, your taste will be revered.



Single Ring Pop-Up:
Clean and modern with a single-row diamond setting, our single rings offer class and sophistication with a refined expression of style. The white diamond design shares an effortless elegance, while the black diamond design makes its presence known with powerful taste. Both are reflective of the wearer’s inner style.
•    Clean and modern.
•    Single-row setting of diamonds.
•    Choose from black or white diamonds.
•    White diamond design effortlessly elegant.
•    Black diamond design powerful yet tasteful.


Double Ring Pop-Up:
Sometimes, a more powerful statement piece is in order. Introducing the White Label double ring. With a dual row of inset diamonds, featuring your choice of black or white, our authentic craftsmanship is translated into a modern and bold approach to accessorizing. It’s the ultimate way to stand out.
•    Powerful statement piece.
•    Double-row setting of diamonds.
•    Choose from black or white diamonds.
•    White diamond design clean and effortless.
•    Black diamond design modern and bold.


Each ring is created using a lost wax casting process and numbered for limited distribution. With our usual attention to detail and dedication to fine craftsmanship, our silver artisans meticulously hand-craft each piece from beginning cast to final polish. 


Our team of talented designers choose only the best diamonds to accent each of our striking rings. If you’re looking for something more expressive of your edgier, more rebellious side, try the black diamonds. Conversely, the white diamonds are a wonderful representation of refined taste and tradition. Both are a reflection of high quality and esteemed polish. 



At White Label, we believe that incomparable style means giving attention to seemingly minute details. Our White Label laces are another example of our fashion-forward yet timeless taste, featuring silver and diamond lace ends that compliment a range of footwear from dressy to casual, and even athletic. Our waxed cotton laces are available in white and black.



White Lace Pop-Up:
For a crisply clean aesthetic, our White Label laces pair perfectly with lighter-toned casual shoes, high-end athletic shoes, and your classic tennis whites. 


Black Lace Pop-Up:

Give your evening wear a bit of tasteful flash with our black laces, featuring stand-out silver tips that call attention to their diamond ends. Try them in a dark dress shoe or black boots for a strong statement.


Silver Pop-Up:

As with all White Label statement pieces, our silver artisans hand-polish each silver lace tubing, ensuring that each pair has the finest finish and eye-catching shine.


Diamonds Pop-Up:

Our designers choose only the finest white and black diamonds to compliment our signature laces. Whether you choose an edgier black diamond or the more classic white diamond, your taste is complimented by high-quality, meticulously inspected sparklers, chosen for their expressive clarity.



For those who require an extra degree of exclusivity and a highly personal expression of themselves, our bespoke services promise a one-of-a-kind piece created to fit your exact specifications. Mix and match from a selection of options to make a singular statement piece that combines flawless fit and unparalleled style, just for you.

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