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Welcome to Lifestyle Solutions


At Lifestyle Solutions, we work tirelessly to bring the latest in ergonomic design innovations to our customers and retail partners across the globe. We travel worldwide in search of inspiration and education, seeking new ideas, discovering the latest trends and implementing today’s most intelligent technologies in every one of our designs.


Whether furnishing a young couple’s first home or fortifying the stylish taste in a Manhattan penthouse, we offer a wide range of quality products designed to fit a multitude of spaces for a vast customer base.


Everyone at LS is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of the company. We’re proud to present this collection to you!

Company History:


With passion, dedication, pride and focus, LS is deeply involved in every aspect of the company’s responsibilities, spanning furniture design, inventory management, shipping and delivery. We even go so far as to help arrange our pieces in a customer’s home! But that’s just the beginning of LS’s customer service capabilities. LS is equipped and prepared to handle any consumer issue, no matter the size.


LS was the first furniture company to enter the e-commerce market boasting a powerful internet presence, with a history dating back to 1989. Since then, LS has perfected their process, starting with the packaging, transitioning into product transport, and finishing with direct delivery of their high-end furnishings to their clientele.


Additionally, LS can set up and arrange their furnishings upon delivery to anywhere in the US! And while the company has a strong direct consumer presence, LS also shares their furnishings with some of the largest retailers in the nation – which has also helped our retail partners strengthen their e-commerce businesses.


We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch, high-quality products to our customers – and that process begins in our factories. There, we employ highly trained quality assurance teams to ensure that everything we manufacture is the best of the best.


LS adheres to strong, stringent standards of manufacturing in every one of our factories. We also use a custom designed, state of the art packaging system created specifically for internet-based businesses.


With our “direct to consumer” distribution system in place, LS also has the capability to locate and provide high-end, custom designed furniture for larger retail partners at a fraction of the time.


As LS continues to evolve in its company innovations and creations, the company continues to work hard to lower costs and raise their bottom line, while also supporting its web-based clientele with the quality and customer service they’ve come to associate with the LS name. 

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