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Luxe Hotel Group

Sunset and Rodeo Taglines

About Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard
A luxurious and secluded sanctuary nestled amid the hustle and bustle of the L.A. scene.



Guestrooms & Suites
Lavish and spacious – the perfect space to unwind and luxuriate in. 



Hotels Services
From relaxation options to event recommendations, we have what you need.



Special Events
Hosting world-class celebrations and events, offering memories that will last a lifetime.

About Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel
Where old-Hollywood charm meets present-day style on L.A.’s most fashionable street.



Guestrooms & Suites
Elegant, distinctive and relaxed – your comfortable and stylish home away from home.



Hotels Services
Top-notch assistance, fabulous amenities, and everything you need to make your stay special.



Special Events
Whether corporate or casual, our team will make your celebration special and joyful.

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