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Hairroin Salon

Beauty Bar Menu

Pick Your Poison:


•    Moisturizing: Nourish dry, brittle hair using this cocktail of hydrating elements.
•    Voluminizing: Lift your spirits and make your mane full-bodied like a bottle of Bordeaux.
•    Smoothing: Take this one straight up and neat if you find yourself frazzled and frayed.
•    Purifying: Decent for detoxing your overworked tresses.

•    Protein: Enrich chemically-addicted mops with wholesome wheat and hops.
•    Moisturizing: Drop your dry martini for a follicle-stimulating, nutrient-rich libation.
•    Smoothing: Had it with harsh liquors? Soothe your frizz with something sleek instead.
•    Light Detangling: Best for fine-haired lightweights, this libation is weightless and hangoverless.
•    Voluminizing: Boost your strands by trying some liquid courage.
•    Color Seal: Solidify your colorful beauty buzz with this neutralizing potion. 


Scalp Treatments (add $25, regular $60)
•    Exfoliating: Shed your inhibitions and hydrate your way to more luxurious locks.
•    Soothing: Non-drinkers love our virgin concoction for sensitive systems.
•    Anti-dandruff: Wet your whistle with a swig of this – and de-flake in the process.

Ask about home-bar options for hair loss, thinning hair and healthy scalps. Delicious! 


Hair Treatments (add $25, regular $60)*
•    Brazilian Blowout: The ultimate cocktail for smoothing and sealing fuzzy-headed tendencies, keeping you hangover-free for three months. (*$350 per serving.)
•    Celephane: An everclear intoxicant to enhance your do’s shine, letting you party on for six to ten shampoos.
•    Nourishing: A brew of intense moisture with a smooth finish for spirited drinkers.
•    Protein: Take a shot of this to strengthen weak and overwrought coifs.
•    Texture Treatment: A little of this tipple goes a long way to add volume or smoothness that lasts six to ten dry-outs.
•    Anti-Chlorine Treatment: Drink away your tail’s memories of pools past with a taste of this cordial.

Ask about home-bar options for hair masks and treatments. Tasty!


•    Foxy: Intoxicate your bouffant with maximum volume and versatile waves.
•    Volume: Drink in the sight of yourself sporting intense oomph with a smooth finish.
•    Flat Wrap: You’ll definitely want to imbibe this polished style with tons of movement.
•    Pin Curl: Get loaded on curls with this wet-to-dry vintage classic.
•    Curly Girl: Lush, sculpted sections of hand-diffused curls will leave you feeling no pain.
•    Flat Ironed: Tipsify your tresses with a smooth, straight finish.
•    Beachy Finish: Fall under the influence of loose, tousled waves created post-blow dry.


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