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Valentine's Day Campaign E-Mail Experiences

Experience 1: Sexy Beauty 
Feeling sexy isn’t always about what lingerie she’s wearing – sometimes it’s simply about her feeling her own sexy self-confidence that makes her as hot as she is. With the Sexy Beauty kit, you can pick and choose the body-beautiful treats that will help make your friend, lover or significant other feel delicious and desirable from her head to her feet!

Basic Beautiful Body Treats: ($52)
-    Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer: Punch Drunk Pink 
Making her skin super soft to the touch, this shimmering, cotton candy-inspired powder will make her glow! Plus, she’ll be a sweet treat that you can shower with kisses.

-    I'm So Sexy Lip Gloss: Peppermint Pink 
A hint of peppermint flavor with a secret plumping ingredient makes this gloss perfect for kissing, be it air or French.

-    Naughty Bubbles – 2.1oz 
Whether she’s bathing alone or inviting you into the tub, Naughty Bubbles are the perfect addition to bath time. Those luxurious tuberose-scented bubbles will make her skin look and feel fabulous! What’s going on with those Naughty Bubbles?

-    Chocolate Bar 
A Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate! She’s indulged on the outside, now it’s time for her to indulge on the inside.


Go All Out Extras: ($129) Total
-    Flirty Little Secret 
It may look like your average body cream, but Flirty Little Secret is infused with a sexy secret weapon! This lightly shimmering, luxuriously-scented firming cream is designed to tone, smooth and contour her curves, but it’s the pheromone that will make it hard for you to keep your hands off her! 

-    Sex Bombs 
Sex Bombs are the ultimate sexy beauty trio, with three fabulous formulas: Don’t Stop Solid Perfume with Pheromones, Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer, and Get Flushed Sexy Lip and Cheek Tint. She’ll feel sexy and sultry in no time!

Experience 2: Fun & Relaxation
When you’ve had a long day at work and your nerves are wearing thin, the best thing you can do for yourself is take a time out. That’s what the Fun & Relaxation kit is all about. We’ve chosen the cream of the Booty Parlor crop to help you find your zen and become blissful again. Just don’t forget to hang that “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door!

Some Fun Relaxation Must-Haves: ($62)
-    Naughty Bubbles - 8.4oz 
Few things will melt tension and stress quite like a bath filled with luxurious bubbles. Forget Calgon – Naughty Bubbles will take you away! 

-    Don't Stop Massage Oil - 8.4oz 
The perfect dual-power stress releaser, Don’t Stop Massage Oil works well as part of an all-over rubdown, or an addition to a nice, relaxing soak in the tub. Whichever way you choose to use it, your worries will be instantly transformed by the delicious scent of plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar.

-    New Melt 
They say that chocolate releases endorphins that help relieve stress and make you feel happy, so what better way to reach a higher plane than with our Melt Chocolate Body Fondue? Pour it over ice cream, eat it with a spoon, or for a fun alternative, paint your cares away with our unique body brush and create art you can eat!

-    Chocolate Bar 
Because sometimes, fun and relaxation means eating all the chocolate you want!


Go All Out Extras: ($114) Total
-    Massage a Trois 
Lock the doors, turn down the lights and set your course for a night of sexy bliss with this threesome of massage oils! There’s Don’t Stop Massage Oil, with its dual-action bath oil/massage formula; All Fired Up, which heats up to relieve sore muscles; and Thrill Me 2-in-1 Massage Oil, which works as a massage oil and lubricant to help you finish what you’ve started. 

-    Bonding Tape 
Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go and put someone else in control. What better way to do it than by handing your loved one a roll of our famous Bonding Tape? Made of strong, non-sticky cling film, it’s the perfect way for you to surrender.


Experience 3: For the Single Girl
You’re the quintessential girl about town. You have your great job, your fabulous friends, your happening nightlife and your For the Single Girl kit, because you know that whether you’re pared with a paramour or flying solo, it’s the perfect thing to get you out of – or into – sticky situations!

Sexy Single Girl Necessities: ($74)
-    Toy 
Get a little buzzed with one of our fabulous vibrating toys, some of which are even discreet enough to slip inside your handbag, leaving nobody the wiser to the naughtiness you hold!

-    Add Magic Lubricant - 2.1oz 
This lubricant is perfect for use with either boys or toys – whichever you prefer! Its water-based, odorless and flavorless formula lasts as long as you want it to, ensuring it’s not done until you are.

-    Naughty Bubbles - 2.1oz 
The next time you’re getting ready for a night on the town, start things off on the right foot with a bathtub full of Naughty Bubbles! You never know what kind of sexy surprises they can help inspire…

-    I'm So Sexy Lip Gloss: Peppermint Pink 
Prime your pucker with I’m So Sexy Lip Gloss: Peppermint Pink, and you’ll make quite the impression – literally! With a hint of peppermint and a secret lip-plumping ingredient, your lips will be kissable all night long.

Go All Out Extras: ($150) Total
-    Dustup 
Enhance your glow with a little Dustup and prepare for a night you’ll never forget! This shimmering powder enhances your gorgeous bod, and three flavors to choose from – Don’t Call Me Honey, Cruisin’ For a Bronzin’ and Punch Drunk Pink – help make you sweet enough to eat!

-    Flirty Little Secret 
Watch out – using Flirty Little Secret will turn you into an instant man magnet! Not only does its firming formula help tighten, tone and contour the most dangerous of curves, but the secret weapon of a powerful pheromone will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Get that little black book ready!

-    Best Women’s Erotica 
For those nights when you decide to go it alone, Best Women’s Erotica is the perfect companion piece to help you reach your ultimate end. And with a collection culled from some of the best erotic authors around, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy!

Experience 4: Turn Him On
Ladies, if you’re stumped on what to get him for Valentine’s Day, look no further than the Turn Him On kit. This collection of Booty Parlor favorites isn’t just fun for him – it’ll put a smile on both your faces. So if you want to ensure he’s yours forever, just turn him on with these sexy treats!

Goodies to Get His Motor Running: ($71)
-    New Melt 
It might seem like our Melt Chocolate Body Fondue is more for you than it is for him, but as soon as you start painting it all over his naked body and lick it off, he’ll understand how this sweet treat is all his!

-    Hook Up Wrist Cuffs
Take charge with this fun and frisky set of wrist cuffs, made of soft but sturdy leather. Just wrap them around his wrists, tie the cords to your bedposts and let the games begin!

-    The French Maid 
If you’re ever at a loss for ideas on spicing up your bedroom play, The French Maid is your answer. No costumes needed – all that’s required is your active imagination, as 21 naughty sex fantasies inspire you to make yours a reality!


Go All Out Extras: ($145) Total
-    Naughty Ballerina 
If you really want to spice things up, allow him to feast his eyes on you in our sexy and sultry Naughty Ballerina lingerie. Pair the beautiful bralette with the ruffled thong or bikini – or if you’re really naughty, the crotchless bikini! – and enjoy as your man finds himself moved to ravage you!

-    Add Magic – 2.1oz 
A delicate water-based lubricant, Add Magic will give you the fuel you need to go all night long.


Experience 5: Couples Kit
Valentine’s Day tends to make us think only of our significant others, but what about the two of you together? Celebrate your day of love with our Couple’s Kit, featuring treats that are designed for both of you to enjoy together. Watch your passion reach new heights!

Toys For Two of You: ($93)
-    All Tied Up Bonding Tape 
With our strong, non-sticky bonding tape, you can both take turns tying and teasing each other all night long. Your only limit is your imagination!

-    New Melt 
Channel your inner sexy artist with our Melt Chocolate Body Fondue! Just use the special brush to paint sweet nothings on your lover, then give them the chance to do the same for you. Just don’t forget to clean up by licking it off…


-    Sure Thing Couple's Ring 
This is the ultimate toy for both of you to enjoy… at the same time! While he gets to wear and share it, she can control the speed and strength of the Ring’s vibrations with a remote featuring seven sexy speeds. Your boudoir will never be the same!

-    Add Magic Lubricant - 2.1oz 
A little dab of our light, water-based lubricant will give you what you need to make your love last.



Go All Out Extras: ($214) Total
-    Vibrating Panties 
Want to get the party started before you hit the bedroom? Just slip on a pair of our Vibrating Panties and hand him the remote! With 10 sexy settings, both of you will get tuned in and turned on, guaranteed!

-    Don’t Stop Massage Oil – 2.1oz 
Never sticky, never overpowering, this lightly-scented long-lasting massage oil is the perfect appetizer to your main course. Take turns touching and teasing each other with a little Don’t Stop, and you won’t stop!

-    Naughty Bubbles – 2.1oz 
What better way to prepare for passion than a naughty bubble bath for two? Our luxurious Naughty Bubbles will not only bathe you in deeply sexy lather, but help inspire both of you to experiment in all kinds of new and delicious ways!

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