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Booty Parlor

Valentine's Day Campaign E-Mail Headlines

Email #1
o    Intro: Shop Now For Your Valentine and Save!

o    Supporting: Get the jump on creating your sexiest Valentine’s Day ever. Shop with Booty Parlor today and take 10% off!

o    Subject: Shop early for Valentine’s gifts and save 10% today!


Email #2
o    Intro 1: Presenting Massage a Trois!

o    Supporting 1: A sizzling threesome for the sexually adventurous, Massage a Trois is a trio of fabulously sensual massage formulas: the original “Don’t Stop,” the hot and heavy warming formula “All Fired Up,” and the dual action “Thrill Me 2-in-1 Massage Gel and Lubricant.” It’s the ultimate Valentine’s gift for you and yours to share!


o    Supporting 2: And just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new version of Melt Chocolate Body Fondue with a slick new brush – perfect for painting sexy art you can eat!

o    Subject: Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: Sexy New Products from Booty Parlor!

Email #3
o    Intro: Valentines Means Chocolate!

o    Supporting: Show your sweetie how much you adore them with Booty Parlor treats, and you’ll get a free gourmet chocolate bar with every order!

o    Subject: Get Some Sweet Booty Parlor Treats for Your Sweetie!

Email #4
o    Intro: Flowers Wilt, but Sexy Lasts Forever!

o    Supporting: Make Valentine’s Day last all year long by stocking up on your favorites – you’ll get free shipping on orders over $50!

o    Subject: Forget Flowers – Give Something Sexy From Booty Parlor for Valentines Day!


Email #5
o    Intro: It’s Not Too Late for Valentines Day!

o    Supporting: Did you leave V Day gifting to the last minute? Not to worry – order today and get 3-day shipping for just $4.99.

o    Subject: It’s Feb. 10th and You’re Still Not Screwed!


Email #6
o    Intro: It’s Your Last Chance!

o    Supporting: Whether you forgot to get a Naughty Ballerina Thong or you desperately need some All Tied Up Bonding Tape, order by 1pm and you’ll get overnight shipping for just $12.99!

o    Subject: Don’t Miss Out on Last Chance Sexy Valentines Gifts!


Item 2: Campaign / Site Slogans

Current Lines:

-    Panties, Vibes and Massage Oils… Make Her Say, “Oh my!” This Valentine’s Day!

-    It’s Never Too Late To Get Sexy With These Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts!

-    What Would Cupid Do? Buy Booty Parlor and Enjoy Free Shipping!

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