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Color Brochure Copy, Part Three

EF Dining H1 copy
Using a technique like Bellagio Faux can give your dining room an elegant yet cozy feel.
EF_office_V1 copy
Add some style to your home office by doing some walls in solid color and using complimentary colors in a technique like Bellagio Faux on others.
Shutterstock 1352292
Painting techniques like Bellagio Faux can add interest to a room without overpowering it when used as an accent rather than a focal point.
Superstock 1525R_4027
Try a Bellagio Faux in your living room for a sophisticated European look that compliments your personal style.
Warm up your walls with a color technique like Bellagio Faux!
You don’t have to be an expert to create a visually stunning bathroom using a texturing technique like Bellagio Faux.
Your bedroom can feel like a romantic European getaway every day with walls done in Bellagio Faux!


Colorwashing can create a soft, textured feel that’s perfect for your dining room.
Give your living room the subtle illusion of color with a little Colorwashing, and create a soothing retreat from the every day.
Like the look of wallpaper, but hate the labor involved? Try a technique called Dragging to give your walls a chic, fabric-like look!
Add some drama to your bedroom by Sponging Off color on alternate walls.
MYD_Bath_Mono_F2A_Faux copy
Sponging On color over a base can add beautiful dimension to your bathroom, and make it brighter and roomier.
If you’re looking for a way to add more interest to your bedroom walls, try Ragging for a classic and understated look.
Ragging can give your bathroom walls a lacy, elegant look while highlighting the impact of your color choices.
Paint, a plastic sheet and a brush are all you need to create the feel of antique leather with a technique called Frottage.

Crack Halltree V1 Copy
Adding artistic accents to a room doesn’t have to be limited to your walls. Try Crackle-painting furniture to accentuate your décor!


Using a Crackle technique on furniture can give it an antiqued and elegant feel.


GoldVeil_D2 copy
Metallic paint can update even your oldest furniture accessories. Try it on an old lamp to give it a shiny new feel!


WhiteOpal D3 copy
A coat of pearlescent paint on a vase can create an alluring accent piece for any room.



VP_Din-H1 copy
Venetian Plaster can give your dining-room walls a marble-like feel with old-world charm.


For a subtle, slightly textured look that adds casual elegance, Sandwash is a perfect fit for your home office.


VP Liv H1 Copy
Enhance the light and dark tones of your living room walls with Venetian Plaster for simple but decadent textured look.


If you’re looking to give your living room more of a European feel, Venetian Plaster adds just the right amount of charm and elegance to get your point across.


The subtle sophistication of Venetian Plaster can make your entryway feel like the portal into another world.


With its marble-like feel, Venetian Plaster can be the perfect wall technique to highlight your room’s finer accents.

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