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Color Brochure Copy, Part One

PPD Family
Looking for a power color with a different kind of pizzazz, but not keen on fiery tones like red or orange? Try a shade of purple!


MPD Retreat
To add some drama to a room without going crazy with color, try two-toning with shades from the same color family for a more unique approach to wall décor.


LW Ret
Add some femininity to a room by using light shades of purple instead of pinks and peaches for a more sophisticated feel. 


BB Bed
Purple doesn’t always have to mean a bright jewel tone. Mixed with a little grey, purple can bring richness and regality to a room in ways that can surprise you!


A calming color doesn’t always have to mean blue. Look to soft and soothing tones of purple to mellow out your living room.


Dine Ctry
If you want to make your dining room feel luxurious, go lavender! Not only will it soothe your digestion, but it also conveys a sense of extravagance and nobility.


Hisp adbr
Just because you’ve chosen one color for your walls doesn’t mean you can’t play with alternate tones in nooks and crannies!


Bath Mod
Going minimalist in your bathroom doesn’t mean color can’t play a part. Look no further than a deep purple for cool comfort and drama.


MPL Bath:
Using light colors to make a small room seem bigger is always best, but don’t limit yourself to white – light purple can work wonders!


MPM Bedroom:
Making your bedroom feel more romantic is just a brush stroke away. Mauve is known to evoke amorous and nostalgic feelings.



NEW 12/14
Combining the tones of blue and red, purple can add dynamic and expansive energy to a room.


SPM Dining Mono
Even if you favor simplicity in your dining area, a simple splash of light purple can change the mood of a room without overpowering it.



Though orange is a hot color, consider a toned-down version tempered with white accents for an inviting sitting room.


Shutterstock 106738
Orange is said to increase the craving for food, making it the perfect option for dining areas and kitchens!


Bold tones of orange can inspire happiness and creativity – both in homes and with the people who inhabit them.


Kitchen Cas 1 H1 copy
Not a fan of yellow? Try using light orange to bring the warmth of the sun into your kitchen.


Try using sponging with tones of orange to give your room more of an antiqued or old-world feel.


Warm doesn’t always mean red. Muted tones of orange can make a room feel cozy without being overly dramatic.


Using a technique such as ragging with a deep tone of orange can complete a rustic-feel bathroom.


MOD Office CCF2A copy
Even mellow hints of orange in your office can inspire mental stimulation.


POD Living CC F2C Mag copy
Don’t limit your use of orange to one room. Try a lighter tone in one room to compliment a darker tone in another.


Bold use of yellow will brighten up any room – and the mood of the person in it!


Color doesn’t have to dominate a room to have impact. Just hints of yellow in your kitchen can transform its feel.


BB Bed CC H1 Copy
Don’t be afraid to blend colors in the bedroom, such as using alternating colors on your walls, carpet and furniture.


BB Bed CB H1
Using a slightly bolder tone of your bedroom’s predominant color theme can enhance the space without deviating from your design plan.


Sometimes simplistic is best. Going with one mellow tone can keep your dining area from feeling overwhelmed, but still adds hints of character.


Bed Cas V1
Believe it or not, bold usage of power colors like orange can complete the casual feel of a bedroom without being overpowering.


BXP 126082h
White doesn’t have to be boring! A crisp white can be the perfect companion to highlighting eclectic design tastes.


Kitch Cas 1 h1 copy
Contemporary kitchens can benefit from a splash of color or two. Using a deep yellow on the walls with a lighter tone on the ceiling gives a relaxed but happy feel.


LW HB CB H1 Copy
Want to make your colors pop, no matter how light or bold they are? White moldings and trim will show them off!


Never feel limited to using one color in a room. Complimenting tones of green and blue can be calming to a room, but still add interest.


Popup F7 9
Using energetic colors to highlight certain areas of a room or draw your eye to a specific design element is a fantastic way to make a change.


SPL Living CC 1 FIA HO copy
Sometimes the most daring color is white, which can highlight and draw more attention to your room décor. 

NEW 12/18

A soft yellow can raise the profile of your home in a mellow, inviting way.
Using light yellow with rustic green accents will make your house look naturally alive.
Yellow can take the edge off a modern-style house and make it that much more inviting.
Just because you have a stucco exterior doesn’t mean you’re stuck with white. Using yellow will perk up your exterior like magic!
A deeper shade of yellow can bring out the intricate texture of the stucco on your exterior.
To add a little color to your exterior, try using a yellow that’s a shade darker than white to show off the trimming without being overly dramatic.
With so many shades to choose from, yellow is the perfect alternative to white or cream when you want to try something new.
A yellow house with a red door is not only inviting, but energetic!
A yellow house can be the perfect way to highlight your landscaping, providing a soft background for flowers and bushes to stand out against, giving them maximum exposure.


Light orange can give your home a feeling of vitality without being overbearing.
Melding a soft orange tone with complimentary tones of green can give your Victorian home a sense of old-world class.
Bright orange doesn’t have to overpower your home. Accents of it in archways can add the perfect amount of zing to liven things up!
Lighter shades of orange are the perfect compliment to Spanish tile roofs.
Create an eye-catching, playful and creative feel to your home with complimentary shades of light and bright orange!
A Mediterranean home shouldn’t be relegated to tones of cream and white. Orange can keep it traditional and classic while giving a home added interest.
Stumped for what color to paint the exterior of your home? Consider orange as an option!
Ext colonial 301a
A red door on a white house adds just the right touch of excitement without overpowering the senses.
Toned-down reds are a nice alternative to their brighter, more eye-catching counterparts.
Call attention to your entryway by highlighting it with a sizzling shade of red!
Red on a Victorian home can help highlight the intricate details of its construction.
Splashes of color – like red shutters – can draw attention to some of the finer design elements of your home.
Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations, like spicing up a light yellow with rich red accents!
Are you extroverted and looking for an exterior shade to match your personality? Try red!
Muted tones of green can make a home feel serene.
Darker shades of green can give your home a sense of safety and stability.
Green is a wonderfully complimentary color to terra cotta roof tiles.
Country-style homes look stunning with natural shades of green!
A fresh, crisp shade of green can be the perfect backdrop to highlight decorative accents like shutters and window boxes.
Superstock 1444r-75090
Mix light green with white accents on the exterior of your house for a fresh approach.
Superstock 1555r_212035
Green accents on a white home can add life and harmony to the exterior of your house!
Soft green accents can add an understated regality, but still be inviting when used in the entryway of your home.
It might surprise you how good green can look when mixed with blue trim. Experiment with your colors to find the combination that works for you!

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