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Emani Natural Emenates Marketing Booklet

What Is Emani?


A bold new standard in the world of eco-friendly cosmetics, Emani is a revolutionary line of professional-grade, high-quality natural vegan make-up designed for the fashion-forward, eco-conscious, every-day woman who’s just as passionate about her Louboutins as she is about recycling. Our progressive vision of beauty is supported by a passion for creating unique, organic products that meld form and function, using pure materials, high-performing pigments and cutting-edge science. The result is a breathable and flawless make-up line that inspires the industry’s top make-up artists and women from all walks of life – powerful and professional, bold and beautiful, crazily creative, and unique!

Our state of the art formulations offer a one of a kind fusion of high definition, fine-grade products with advanced skin care capabilities. Translation? We make make-up that not only makes women look good, it helps them keep looking good by promoting healthy skin, giving their complexion an awesome boost of minerals and botanicals that help it looking fresh all day long. Whether a woman’s beauty routine is minimal and simple or off-the-charts artistic, Emani is the ultimate destination to satisfy her every chameleonic desire. Plus, our goodies are made and manufactured right here in the USA.

We believe that true beauty originates from within, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enhanced. What we aim to do is create a product line that reflects the inner self – flawless, beautiful, healthy and real. Remove the mask, reveal the inner light, and let us help women be the best possible version of themselves!



Introducing “Natural Emanates”


Being an industry trailblazer sometimes means you defy the standard categorizations of products and offerings, so we’re spearheading a new classification that exemplifies all that Emani has to offer: “Natural Emanates.”
“Natural Emanates” is a classification beyond the usual directives of eco-friendly make-up. It embodies cosmetics that exude the ultimate in inner and outer beauty: a flawless and radiant appearance that’s indicative of the wearer’s creativity and natural beauty, while promoting healthy skin by nurturing it with natural ingredients and advanced formulations that encourage regenerative benefits. In essence, beauty that emanates from within!


But “Natural Emanates” also reflects Emani’s unique values: a hybrid of forward-thinking creativity with the modern, eco-friendly woman in mind, uniting a vegan and vibrantly chic line of cosmetics with professional flare. 



The Emani Difference


So what makes us different from other cosmetics companies out there? Well, let us tell you:


* We’re paraben free. Widely used throughout the cosmetics industry, paraben is a class of chemicals employed as a synthetic preservative. Not only does it come from petrol, but it clogs pores. Yuck! You won’t see any of that in anything we offer.


* We’re cruelty free. We firmly believe that you don’t have to sacrifice animals in the name of beauty, which is why we’re PETA certified. And not only do we steer clear of animal testing and products, but we only work with vendors and outlets that do the same. And the best part? It doesn’t sacrifice our line’s high-performing capabilities.


* We only use natural and organic ingredients. Forget the synthetics – they don’t do anything for your skin but clog it. At Emani, we use naturally-occurring minerals, organic extracts and pigments perfectly designed and painstakingly selected specifically for their regenerative properties, non-comedogenic capabilities, and luxurious feel. Some of our ingredients include:


     Hyaluronic Acid: Dubbed “the fountain of youth,” this magical little ingredient has a natural ability to bind up      to 1000 times its weight in water to keep skin young and looking healthy.


     Jojoba Oil: Native healers used jojoba to treat sores, burns, cuts, bruises and skin conditions. Known for            having the unique capability to mimic skin’s natural oils, jojoba penetrates quickly with a non-greasy feeling      and has natural preservative capabilities.


     Sea Kelp: Considered a good source of iodine, sea kelp offers incredible nutritional support for hair, nails          and skin, and is purported to promote skin’s longevity and youthful glow.


* We cater to the professionals. Don’t get us wrong – we love our every-day consumers dearly, but we also appreciate that our cosmetics have been embraced by professional make-up artists in fashion, film and television, and on photo sets all across the world! Artists love Emani.


* High performance and long-lasting wear. Our make-up is specially formulated to withstand different climates (from cold winter nights to Hollywood’s hot lights), day to night (and when you’re in play mode, night to day), and just about every scenario you can think of that could test your look’s longevity. Fret not – no matter the situation, you’ll always look fresh-faced with Emani. Plus, it’s gentle on your skin.

* Vegan and gluten friendly. You won’t find a single ingredient in our products that don’t adhere to a vegan or gluten-friendly ideal, which means even the most sensitive of allergy sufferers will find our products healthfully supportive of their chosen lifestyle.


* 100% recycled paper packaging. All of our packaging is made of 25% post-consumer and 75% pre-consumer waste, and everything printed on our packages is courtesy of 100% biodegradable, soy-based ink.


* No talc, cheap fillers, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals. There’s no room for any fakes or fillers in our products – that’s because everything we make is packed full of delicious, natural and organic skin-nourishing ingredients.


* Made in the USA! Stars and stripes, represent!

Emani’s Vision


Emani finds its roots in the transformational journey of its fearless founder and happiness creator, Michelle Doan. After struggling with cystic acne and sensitive skin for years – which was only exacerbated by mainstream make-up lines – Michelle set out to create a line of make-up that suited her high-fashion tastes while honoring her skin’s natural needs. And so, Emani was born! With her personal journey turned into a professional endeavor, Michele set out to share her experience with the world, and let other women know that they, too, could be sexy and stylish without sacrificing their desire for clean, natural make-up.


Using advanced research and development, Emani strives to create next generation formulations of all of the company’s classic favorites, while introducing new and fearlessly stylish products that find themselves right at home with this season’s hottest trends – of course, while ensuring everything remains vegan friendly, cruelty free and ecologically sound.


Ultimately, the company’s mission is to continually evolve and develop a full line of high-quality, natural skin care cosmetics that exceed the standard of professional make-up artistry. The only constant is change, and Emani is continually evolving to meet that change by formulating products that meld with every skin color, type and condition. But most of all, Emani passionately promotes individual beauty through colors, healthy skin, fashion, glamour and the empowerment of all women. We know women are uniquely beautiful and we want to help them express that – naturally!



Emani’s Purpose and Responsibility


Emani was established in 1988 with one goal in mind: to provide a line of ultra-clean cosmetics that exceed the high standards of the professional make-up industry and promotes a healthy complexion for all women.
We’ve devoted decades to studying the intricacies of human skin, and have continuously monitored the full impact of our products on women’s health. By using naturally occurring minerals, organic extracts and pigments, and keeping our products free of talc, parabens, gluten and harsh chemicals, our line of non-comedogenic, nature-based make-up not only works with all skin types and supports natural vitality, but also feels luxurious and looks glamorous, offering beautiful, long-lasting finishes.

We also believe that it’s unnecessary to sacrifice animals or the environment in the name of beauty. All of our products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and PETA certified. In addition, we’re committed to continuously incorporating new green, clean technologies into the production of our cosmetics.


Emani also utilizes sustainable and recycled resources – such as 100% recycled paper packaging (25% post-consumer, 75% pre consumer) and 100% biodegradable, soy-based ink – when packaging our products.



Faces of Emani


Emani’s dedication to pure beauty is reflected in the diversity and needs of today’s modern women. The women who wear Emani are powerful, creative, passionate about life, and live loud and proud with feminine flare. They balance their career and personal passions. They’re not interested in suffering for their beauty, and they’re not willing to compromise form for function. They’re deeply involved in every aspect of their life, eco-friendly pursuits being one of them… but being strong and solid enough to balance a multitude of personal and professional endeavors, they want to take the guesswork out of supporting their green habits. Thus, Emani does it for them.

Emani embodies an empowered lifestyle that thrives through an ultimate beauty that’s natural and unmasked. The Emani woman is beyond average in every way and understands that beauty isn’t a quick fix or merely an exterior cover up – rather, it’s a direct reflection of how she feels about herself inside, expressed in a way that radiates strongly and beautifully to the world around her. Emani women are aspirational, active, youthful, health conscious, and – of course – ambassadors for natural cosmetics.


Ultimately, the women who exemplify Emani are unique, sophisticated, multi-cultural and span numerous age groups. We don’t believe in limiting ourselves, so why should our customers? 


Emani’s Inspirational Faces:
Olivia Munn
Jessica Alba
Michelle Obama
Kate Hudson

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