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Twist Biscuit Bar Press Release

For Immediate Release:
Start Your Morning With TWIST Eatery’s New Biscuit Bar Menu!
(Los Angeles, CA), March 10th, 2014: It’s an age-old dilemma we struggle with on a near daily basis: what should we eat for breakfast? Well, one L.A. eatery is presenting a new option to help take the guesswork out of the most important meal of the day. Next time you find your tummy growling and can’t sift through your morning brain fog to make a decision, head over to TWIST Eatery to sample from their new Biscuit Bar Menu!
“We’ve had a Biscuit Sandwich on our menu since we opened, and it’s been a really big hit,” explains TWIST owner Joelle Bercovitch. “When I first created it, I didn’t realize how popular it would be. So I thought, why not expand it and offer our customers more?”
Those who have been ardent fans of TWIST’s original Biscuit Sandwich won’t be disappointed – and their taste buds definitely won’t be bored! The new Biscuit Bar Menu features a collection of six different options with an eclectic mix of culinary styles and flavors, calling upon Bercovitch’s unique heritage as inspiration. “The menu mirrors the concept of the eatery,” she explains. “I was born in Morocco and my parents have a French background, so I wanted to inject a lot of different influences from my world. I wanted to try putting different things on biscuits that make it interesting and offer our guests something they can’t get just anywhere, but still share dishes that are rustic and homey. But I also wanted to elevate the biscuit because they’re usually thought of as not being too fancy. I feel like we’ve changed that with this menu.”
Indeed. The Biscuit Bar Menu kicks off with the treat that started it all: the classic TWIST Biscuit Sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheddar and bacon on a homemade buttermilk biscuit. If you like starting your morning with a little more of a flavorful kick, sink your teeth into the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich, featuring scrambled eggs, cheddar, jalapeno and fresh salsa topped with crème fraiche. 

The next two offerings call upon Bercovitch’s French heritage – and some classic French breakfast dishes – for their culinary motivation. The Croque Biscuit Sandwich is a decadent combination of ham, gruyere, béchamel sauce and dijon aioli, while the Croque Madame Biscuit Sandwich takes things one step further with ham, gruyere, béchamel sauce and dijon aioli, topped with a sunnyside up egg. But if you want your morning meal to be heartier, look no further than the Turkey and Gravy Biscuit Sandwich with oven roasted turkey and bacon gravy served with a side of cranberry orange sauce.
Then there’s the biscuit sandwich that’s currently Bercovitch’s favorite: the Benedict Smoked Salmon Biscuit with mounds of smoked salmon, a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and chives. What makes it so good? Says Bercovitch, “Like most people, I’m used to having that combination on a tough English muffin or bagel, but we do them lighter and fluffier. Our buttermilk biscuits are handmade in house, and when they come out of the oven they’re rustic, flaky and so incredibly fresh. It’s a different experience when you add in all the elements together.”
While TWIST’s new Biscuit Bar Menu currently focuses on savory treats, there are plans to expand its reach as time goes on. Not only will there be more savory offerings as they continue to explore every avenue that breakfast biscuits can offer, but Bercovitch has her eye on doing some sweeter, dessert-like biscuits featuring flavors such as strawberries and cream, and – of course – chocolate. But most importantly, Bercovitch is both focused on and dedicated to continuing to create a warm, inviting and casual dining space with tasty creations for her clientele to enjoy.
“What I love about what’s happening now with TWIST is that people feel comfortable,” she enthuses. “It’s a great neighborhood spot where people come to meet friends and have a good meal, and I hope the Biscuit Bar Menu adds to that feel for everyone who comes here. Because when we make them, they’re something we make here from scratch and there’s a lot of heart and other elements that go into it. Each one is something you can’t get anywhere else, but it feels familiar and it feels like home. And that’s what we like to share with our guests.”
For more information on TWIST Eatery, please contact:
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T: 323.938.9478
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